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Discover How Dozens of Tax Pros are Working Less Yet Making More…

… By value-adding to existing clients with our plug-and-play ‘Family Office Director Model’

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December 6, 2022 Tuesday, 8am - Noon @ Chicago Oakbrook Marriott

December 7, 2022 Wednesdsay, 8am - Noon @ Marriott Downtown Magnificent Mile

December 8, 2022 Thursday, 8am - Noon @ Marriott Chicago O’Hare 

At this in-person seminar, we’re showing tax pros how it’s possible to level up their business and enjoy:

Overcome the April ‘Tax Grind’ and reclaim their work-life balance  

Potentially 2x revenue and 10x enterprise value - while REDUCING the number of clients

Have a business that makes that ‘dream income’ possible - without hiring more people

At this free training, we’re revealing a ‘Success Guaranteed’ way for tax pros to:

Build a firm that’s scalable and easier to grow

Replace low-value, difficult clients by attracting wealthy ones (who you enjoy working with)

Increase profits while working less hours 

Make a meaningful financial impact in your clients’ lives

Flip the script, rejecting the old selling model that eliminates sales pressure.

… And even stop sacrificing family time during tax season. 

We call this the ‘Family Office Model’ that’s designed specifically for Tax Pros to grow their businesses in a meaningful way.  

The Unspoken Threat To Accounting Firm Owners

Hi my name is Ed Lyon.

I've been in the accounting industry my whole life. 

For decades I’ve helped many Tax Pros grow their businesses through my books, newsletters and appearances on various TV, radio shows and podcasts. 

And truth be told… 

Tax Firm owners have had it good for a long time.  

It’s been a steady reliable way to generate a solid business income. 

But all that is about to change. 

Because I’ve never seen a bigger threat to the accounting industry than what we are just starting to experience now. 

It all comes down to one word: 


The thing is, technology isn’t just helping do your work more efficiently. 

Artificial intelligence and “robotic process automation” are threatening to do your work for you. 

That makes your future look like a race to the bottom: more competition, lower margins, slowing demand for your services, and more IRS headaches.

The solution? 

Today’s entrepreneurial accountants understand they have to go beyond “numbers in boxes” to thrive. Many are looking to add financial services – the AICPA reports that about 25% have already done so. 

If you’re looking at that option, you probably know someone who’s tried it and transformed their business. But you also know someone who tried it and failed. 

Maybe you’ve tried it yourself and been disappointed. And you’ve wondered, “What’s the secret sauce? Why do some tax pros succeed where others fail?”

We have the answer, and our new half-day event lays it out step-by-step. It’s a proven roadmap for escaping the “numbers in boxes” grind: less work, more money, or both. 

You’ll discover how to elevate your current practice and your existing clients to a whole new level, without changing who you are or becoming any kind of “salesman.”

This meeting can literally change your life. You’ll get to spend the morning working “on” your business, not “in” it. 

As Tony Robbins says: doing the same thing better than everyone else gives you a slight advantage – but doing something different can give you an extraordinary advantage. 

This conference opens the door to potential extraordinary advantage, a better quality of life, and generational wealth – for your clients and for you. 

Here’s what other Tax Pros are saying:

“The additional revenue is very significant to me… The Family Office will generate very close to the same net profit as my CPA business this year”

Erling.B, CPA

“It’s way more than I could have done on my own… I like the partnership and ‘walking together’ with the client.”

Kim. P, CPA

“The fact that I have a full team built around my firm and me, is probably what separates us from the rest of the so-called ‘competition’”

Aleksey. K, CPA

Your Speaker

Ed Lyon 

Ed has written nearly a dozen books on taxes and tax planning. Ed writes two weekly tax columns for over 100,000 tax professionals and their clients, making him one of the most widely-read tax strategists in the country. 

He’s the founder of the Tax Master Network, the Tax Architect AI Software (previously TaxCoach Software), and speaks regularly to audiences of tax professionals and business owners. He’s appeared on over 500 television and radio broadcasts, including CNN, Fox News, MSNBC, and CNBC.


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A 135 page step-by-step guide to building your business around something clients really want: tax savings! You’ll learn how to use tax savings to identify and attract clients who are ready to commit to doing business now. 

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All attendees will receive a complimentary Tax Practice Conversion Report, an analysis of the untapped revenue potential in your existing book of business. Based on decades of experience working with tax pros, and hundreds of members of the Tax Master Network, this report can be a key decision input in planning the future of your practice.

What’s Your Accounting Firm’s Future Going to Be?

Continue Current Path

Get stuck in the ‘volume trap’ of getting more clients and sacrificing personal time 

Play in a ‘commoditized’ service where margins keep shrinking

Trade personal time for money 

Experience lumpy revenue 

‘The Dream Income’ continues to be out of reach 

Have to live with low-paying, demanding clients

Explore the ‘Family Office Model’ Path

Work with a handful of high-paying clients and regain work life balance

Stand out and be able to improve your fees and profit margins

Have a scalable business that requires less of you

Have a Success Map that brings income all year round.

See a clear path towards that ‘dream income’ 

Why the ultra rich are looking for financial solutions that our Model can provide you

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The Tax Master Guide to Starting and Building Your Proactive Tax Business - Ed Lyon ($20 value)


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